On Hidden Forces, media entrepreneur and market analyst Demetri Kofinas uses a financial and cultural lens to help listeners make connections, challenge consensus narratives, and realize novel solutions to complex problems. Entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, artists, and others seeking to understand today’s world trust Hidden Forces to give them the edge.

“Hidden Forces is pound-for-pound the best podcast on the Internet,” says entrepreneur and author of “Wanting,” Luke Bugis, “frequently opening my mind to new possibilities.”

Founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Jim Grant describes Demetri Kofinas as a “rare talent,” while Financial Times Associate Editor and Global Business Columnist Rana Foroohar has praised Hidden Forces as a podcast “that I really love.”

Similarly, financial market commentator and Co-Founder of Real Vision Grant Williams describes Demetri as “one of the most accomplished interviewers in the podcasting universe” who is “insightful, inspirational, and thought-provoking,” while venture capitalist and CEO of Reboot.io Jerry Colonna says that “Demetri Kofinas’ Hidden Forces podcast is one of the most thoughtful, enlightening, and informative shows out in the world. I learn something new from every single interview.”

Others such as CoinDesk’s Chief Content Officer Michael Casey and World Economic Forum’s Sheila Warren write that Kofinas is “a master at drawing big-picture narratives” around complex problems, while Nathaniel Whitmore, Host of “The Breakdown” describes Hidden Forces as “one of the most unique podcasts in the business space because it comes at business and markets topics with an interesting and broad, polyglot lens.” Similarly, Blockworks co-founder Michael Ippolito has called Kofinas “one of the best out there, period.”

Hidden Forces podcast episodes feature a wide variety of luminaries, visionaries, and contrarians—from legendary value investor Howard Marks, Google CEO & Chairman Eric Schmidt, and FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to philosopher Rebecca Goldstein, public intellectual Fareed Zakaria, and journalist Gillian Tett.