Category: Technology

Episode 52

Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester | Building the Lives We Want: Precision Engineering and the Making of the Modern World

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Episode 47

Jimmy Soni

Claude Shannon: The Story of How One Man Created the Information Age | Jimmy Soni

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Episode 30

Tim O’Reilly

Tim O’Reilly | We Can Predict the Future Only by Learning to Map the Present

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Episode 28

Demetri Kofinas

Demetri Kofinas | Industrial Society and Its Future: Machine Intelligence, Encryption, and the Will to Power

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Special Episode

Mance Harmon

Hedera Hashgraph and the Future of Distributed Ledger Technology | Mance Harmon

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Episode 22

Leemon Baird

Leemon Baird | The Future of Distributed Ledger Technology Is Not Blockchain, It’s Hashgraph

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