Category: Markets

Episode 178

Lilly Francus

Meme ‘Stonks’: How Call Options & Reddit Broke Wall Street | Lily Francus

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Episode 165

Paul McNamara

Emerging Markets & the Turkish Lira: Assessing the Risks & Opportunities | Paul McNamara

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Episode 153

Tim Lee, Jamie Lee, & Kevin Coldiron

The Rise of Carry: the New Financial Order of Decaying Growth & Recurring Crisis | Tim Lee, Jamie Lee, & Kevin Coldiron

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Episode 142

Tony Greer

‘Stonks,’ the Rise of Retail Bros, & Powell’s Money Printer | Tony Greer

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Premium Release

Nic Carter

Monetary Revolution: Innovation in the Age of Financial Repression | Nic Carter

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Episode 131

Hari Krishnan

The Second Leg Down: Strategies for Profiting After a Market Sell-Off | Hari Krishnan

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